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Dress Code

ABLE no longer requires a school uniform at any grade level.

The dress code applies to all grades: TK-12.


The dress code is common sense.

If you wonder whether you should wear something, you probably shouldn’t!

Dress for SUCCESS!!

Student attire must

  • present no distraction to the learning environment;

  • present no safety hazard;

  • fit: no oversized, undersized, or skin-tight garments;

  • be neat, properly worn, and in good condition and repair – no rips or tears, even from the manufacturer;

  • not display vulgar, offensive, inappropriate graphics, logos, or text as deemed by ABLE administration to be detrimental to school culture.

  • must completely cover upper body and shoulders (tops);

  • must extend below mid-thigh in length (skirts/shorts);

  • must be worn at the waist (bottoms); and

  • must cover undergarments completely.

Once provided, student ID’s must be appropriately visibly worn.

The following are not allowed:

  • basketball shorts, or pajama bottoms;

  • hats, hoods, and beanies inside of buildings;

  • spiked and studded accessories;

  • accessories hanging from belts or pockets;

  • sunglasses inside of buildings except prescription;

  • leggings or tights worn by themselves – grades 5-12 only;

  • slippers, flip flops, or open-toed shoes or shoes without a backstrap;

  • anything law enforcement would consider to be gang related.

The dress code is subject to change at the discretion of ABLE administration.