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Counseling Resources

Mission Statement

ABLE Charter’s counselors are dedicated to empowering students to thrive academically, emotionally, and socially through compassionate counseling services tailored to their diverse needs. Our mission is to foster a safe, inclusive environment where every individual feels heard, valued, and supported on their journey towards personal growth, academic success, and college and career readiness. Through collaboration with students, families, and staff, we aim to cultivate resilience, self-awareness, and positive relationships by fostering a culture of lifelong learning and personal development. Our ultimate goal is to equip students with the tools they need to navigate challenges and realize their fullest potential.

Confidentiality Statement

As counselors, we uphold strict confidentiality to ensure that students feel safe and secure when sharing their thoughts, feelings and experiences. The information shared within counseling sessions remains private and is not disclosed to anyone else without the explicit consent of the student, except in certain situations where there is a legal or ethical obligation to disclose. These limits may include situations where there is a risk of harm to the student or others, suspected

abuse or neglect, court orders, or when required by law. Our goal is to build trust and rapport with students while also ensuring their safety and well-being.


If you are experiencing a crisis outside of school hours, please contact one of the following numbers:

· Call 9-1-1: if you or someone you know is in immediate danger

· Mental Health CRISIS LINE: (209) 468-8686 

· National SUICIDE PREVENTION Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255 

· Text SCHOOL to 741741: to connect with a Crisis Counselor via text · For local resources (Food, Housing, Counseling, etc.): Dial 2-1-1